Snap It, Tape It, Let’s Talk about It

Last week, SPPMD participated in a training “Snap It, Tape It, Let’s Talk about It” for Intercultural Dialogue that took place in Niš, Serbia. The participants encompassed youngsters from seven countries, including Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Malta and Italy. The project started with the arrival of the participants on the 30th July. In the following days, the members introduced each other by means of interactive games and participated in debates regarding intercultural differences, cultural traits and intercultural dialogue. Also they found about other ways of communication besides language, by means of mimics and gestures, with which the language barriers were significantly reduced.

Photo and Video workshops – these workshops provided basic skills in photo and video editing. Also during these workshops the participants had the chance to work with professional equipment; cameras, lighting etc. Skills like these would be of great help to some of them seeking employment in the fields of photography and film.

Presenters from each participant country introduced their countries and NGO’s in a creative way. There were thematic workshops with team building, each team consisted of no more than one participant per country, so to improve communication between them.

Under the guidance of the trainers, the participants learned respect of each other, and of each other’s cultures, tasted the local cuisine, as well as cuisines from the other countries in the Intercultural Evening.

The intercultural Evening was a major event; everyone was enjoying traditional food from the participant countries as well as traditional dances and music. Some participants have learned dances not native to their countries.

Each day of the training started with a reflection from the previous day, and after the activities it ended with an evaluation for the day.

The thematic workshop for Marginalized and Socially Excluded groups was a great success. The participants came to see through the eyes of the fortunate and unfortunate alike. Through this exercise, the participants came to see some groups of people’s view on others, and how some of them see life.

The Exhibition of the photos from the Photo workshop took part in the center of Niš, attracting the locals to the event, providing information about the NGO’s and enjoying an evening of music, dances, all in front of the eyes of the curious locals, who also enjoyed meeting the participants and discussing their interest in the work of the organizations.

Overall the project was a success, breaking through the language barriers into the midst of diversity, and in the end, forming a union of long lasting friendships that continued even after the project was over.


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