EVS in Turkey: an experience of my life!

Alomost three weeks ago our dear volunteer Miki came back home after his 2-months-adventure in Mersin, Turkey. In ten questions Miki answers how was his volunteering project and what did he learn during his EVS.


How are you?

I’m happy to be back home, to see my friends and family after two months but at the same time I’m little sad because these wounderful two months are over.

Do you miss Turkey?

Yes, of course! As I said, that were woundelful two months there so it’s natural to miss the great time spent there. And I don’t miss only Turkey, most of all I miss my group there and the people from our organisation.

What did this EVS give you?

The most important thing that I got during this EVS is the friends that I met there, as they said, the rich man is the one who have lots of friends, so now I can say that I came back home richer. Also this EVS gave me the oportunity to meet new culture and traditions and the pleasure to work in a international group of people. And of course, a chance to spend two months on the beach :).

What did you learn?

First of all I got good practise for my English because most of the time our communication was in English. Also we had Turskih lessons so we learnd basics of the lanuguage. And I learnt how to live by myself, I improved my cooking skills, I learnt to make some traditional dishes.

What were your tasks? In which activities did you take part?

The main purpose of this project was protecting the sea turtles. So most of our activities were related with the turtles. We were cleaning the beach where turtles were coming to lay their eggs. While they were on the beach, we were protecting them from dogs and irrational people and after they were finished with the laying, we were marking the nest. Also we had some ecological activities for planting trees together with the local community.

How did your typical day look like?

My day was starting with breakfast in the morning (all of the meals we cooked by ourselves), after that we were cleaning the beach for 3 hours. After cleaning we had some free time before the lunch. Later we had a workshop (during this workshop we were planning our activites), then dinner and after dinner we were going to the beach for monitoring the turtles. During the weekends we were free.

What did you do in your free time?

Most of my free time I used for traveling. We had a chance to travel a lot, we visited a lot of cities and touristic attractions in Turkey and the biggest impression I got from Istanbul and Silifke. Some of my free time I used to talk with my friends and family on the Internet and when I wasn’t traveling most of the time we spent on the beach, which was 20 m away from our flat, with the other volunteers, where we had good fun.

What was good and what would you change?

In my opinion everything was perfect there, the organization and the people who led it were great and professional. We had perfect conditions for living and working and the group around me was amazing. Also the local people were polite and treated us with respect. I wouldn’t change anything except cheaper beer :).

What does EVS mean for you?

This EVS project was an experience of my life. The best thing that ever happened to me, I’ll always have nice memories about it.

If you had a chance, would you go for EVS once again?

YES, of course! If I find some interesting project like this one, for sure I’ll go for EVS once again.


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