Training course in Niš

One more time SPPMD was involved in a Youth in Action training course. From 8th to 15th July five members of our organization participated in “Know it, Show it, Share it” in Niš, Serbia, organized by the Club for Youth empowerment 018 (CYO 018), a regular partner of SPPMD. The aim of the training was to promote the intercultural dialogue through different ways.

During these seven days the participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albania and Malta were divided into 4 groups: graffiti, hip-hop dance, photography and social media. They worked all week to organize an event on Friday, 13th July. During 4 hours the big animation with music, dance and graffiti performance, a basketball tournament and a photography exhibition as well took place in the center of Niš.
It was a great success and about 200 people attended the event, a good way for the participants of the training courses to start the dialogue about intercultural learning.

The participants also took part in activities to discover the city of Niš, they met the Serbian culture by eating in traditional Kafana and visiting historical places. And, of course, they enjoyed together the nightlife with a foam good bye party. But all good things must end and on Sunday everybody left full of memories, skills and new amazing friends.

 SPPMD wants to thank CYE 018 warmly for their friendship and the work done, as well as all the participants who made
this training unforgettable.


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