Training course in Sakarya

Between 20th and 27th June the SPPMD‘s team took part in a training course “Colorful Marbling, Handcrafted Youth, Inclusive Society” organized by Intercultural Dialogue and Young Entrepreneurs Organization of Sakarya – IDYES. Together with participants from Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Portugal, Albania, Malta and Latvia youth workers and volunteers learned the art of Turkish Marbling (paper marbling), ceramic and glass painting, as well as pottery. During two days of intensive workshops the participants made their own paintings and items from clay which were later exhibited in the centre of Sakarya.

Except for the handicrafts the participants learned about youth unemployment in Europe and in Turkey and about marginalised groups. Together they tried to discover causes of high unemployment rate and look for the solutions to change it. During the city hunt five groups asked local people what do they think about economical situation in their country and what can be done to improve it.

IDYES also took care of the cultural part of the training – a visit to the Earthquake Museum and a trip to Taraklı, a town south of Sakarya known for its historical characteristic three-storey houses, Yunus Paşa Mosque and Historic Bath.

Our volunteer, Radica, represented SPPMD on this training:

This training was a great experience for me. I learnt more about handicrafts and color marbaling which was good way to improve my artistic skills and to upgrade my knowladge. Also it was
a good way to learn more about Turkish tradition and life in Sakarya. I am really glad that I had this oppurtunity to be a part of the team who participated there. The organization was on
a perfect level and the Turkish people were very hospitable and made our stay there unforgettable. I already miss all the people and I hope that soon we are going to meet again somewhere.

SPPMD’s team wishes to thank IDYES
for an excellent training and fantastic time spent in Turkey!
See you soon!


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