Greetings from Mersin!

Our dear volunteer Miki is currently doing his short-term EVS in Mersin, Turkey. Below you can read his first impressions after three weeks from starting his volunteering service!


It’s been almost 1 mount since I came here in Mersin, Turkey, and so far it is a wonderful experience for me. I’m hosted by the organization “The Third Eye Association of Mediterranean”, whose main moto is: Be aware, and create awareness.

Our main activity here is to protect and make a better place for living for 2 kinds of turtles (Kareta Kareta and the Green Turtle), one of the 25 most endangered species. Now is the time for reproduction, so every night we see how they are coming on the beach and lying the eggs, something that you can’t describe with words.

Now we are 13 volunteers here, from all around Europe. They come from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, 3 from France, Tunisia and Denmark. It is a really Good group of volunteers, mix  of different cultures and traditions and I  enjoy to speed time with them.

Apart from the activities we have a lot of free time that we mostly use to travel across Turkey. It is a beautiful country with lot of touristic and historical places to visit.

Also the people are very nice, especially our neighbors, always willing to help us, to invite us for Turkish kave or caj. They also have a very similar tradition with us (we have been on a Turkish wedding and engagement party), and I have to say even I miss the pork meet 🙂 they have a really delicious cuisine!

Gule gule 🙂


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