EVS: an experience out of time

Surely, a lot of you remember Elsa – SPPMD’s French EVS volunteer who stayed in Kavadarci for a year. Three months after her departure, Elsa shares her memories with us!

In September 2010, I was 23 years old. I just finished my studies in law so it was the perfect moment to realize one of my wish, living abroad. As we used to say with other EVS, I didn’t choose Macedonia, Macedonia chose me! So in February 2011 I arrived in Kavadarci, center Macedonia. And then, one of the best years of my life began! I really enjoyed all the moments spend there.
I learnt a lot through this year.

First, it was the first time I was working with young people and that was a double experience as they were not French. I was little afraid in the beginning but I felt so welcomed that it was finally easy to let the sharing and discovering parts begin! I want to say that I also had a real support coming from Goko and Pece who really make me feel at home quite quickly.

I also enjoyed the fact of being in Balkans to travel around and discover this region which was quite unknown for me before that. I totally felt in love with the beauty of the landscapes and the kindness of the people.

Concerning the activities in SPPMD, it was nice sharing about my culture, my language, the bolas etc… and to learn in return about things I didn’t know. Sometimes I feel frustrated as I should have done more but… what’s done is done… no regrets.

I learnt most of the possibilities that exist for young people to participate and build projects around Europe. I have the feeling that I really discover the meaning of volunteerism by being one and promoting it.

It’s hard to explain in few lines this amazing experience but, today I keep in mind only positive feelings. I want to thank all the people who were around me during this year, you made my EVS a fabulous experience.


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