Interesting EVS project in Poland!

Another possibility for a long-term EVS! Fundacja Mobilni Polacy is looking for an EVS volunteer for a project called “Enjoy diversity in local dimension” that will be held at the Landscape Park “Barycz Valley”
(pl. Dolina Baryczy). This project focuses mainly on journalism & new media and promotion, tourism & nature conservation and work with young people with fewer opportunities and/or people with disabilities. The project lasts one year (1.09.2012-1.09.2013).

The deadline for all applications is on
30th June (Saturday)!

Below the description of the project.


  • Contact person: Zbigniew Drzewiecki
  • Coordinating organisation: Fundacja Mobilni Polacy
  • Host: Fundacja Mobilni Polacy:
  • Location: Milicz, Poland
  • Deadline: 30/06/2012
  • Start: 01/09/2012
  • End: 01/09/2013

EVS project “Enjoy diversity in local dimension” will be held at the Landscape Park “Barycz Valley”, in the midst of the community district Milicz. Partners in the project are three host organizations Milicz Municipality, District of Milicz, and Association of Friends of Children and People with Disabilities, sending organizations from Ukraine and Lithuania, and the Foundation for Polish Mobile – coordinating organization. As the project is pioneering in this area, to the first edition we want to invite the three volunteers, one for each of the three host organizations. Theme of the project is focused mainly (though not exclusively) around the three thematic areas:

  1. Journalism / new media and promotion (each organization has its own medium of paper and / or electronic)
  2. Tourism and nature conservation (project is in the area of Poland’s biggest landscape park “The Valley Barycz”
  3. Work with young people with fewer opportunities and / or persons with disabilities

The project aims to show the community the immense possibilities inherent in the European voluntary service, boosting its creativity, awareness of cultural diversity and an indication of its benefits.

All methods of work planned in the project are based on best practices of non-formal education, with particular emphasis on the active forms of learning combined with action and movement in the fresh air.

Has the most lasting effect of the project would change the consciousness of the largest part of the local community, its cultural openness and positive attitude towards the priorities of the program “Youth in Action” and the EU as a whole.

An equally important subject of the project are volunteers, so another fundamental effect which we want to achieve is to give them the greatest range of social and professional skills, as well as making them “emissaries” of volunteering and ambassadors Milicz and Poland in Europe.


What are the main tasks:

The volunteer will participate in the work of various institutions in our community and of his preference and commitment will depend on where it will spend the greatest part of his 30 hour work week.

Example of day / week volunteer work might look like this:

Day begins with a meeting with the coordinator in the City Hall, it is discussed on the plan, the volunteer spends two hours in the promotion department at his/her computer, co-creating community website. Then goes to the Cultural Centre, there performs activities requiring a little more physical activity – for example, sets a new exhibition /preparing a concert hall.

Later in the day may take the alternative:

  1. Work with young people and children in the Centre Daily (workshops, english classes)
  2. Prepare material for the local newspaper
  3. Assist in sports competitions in the sports center.

Of course, not every day a volunteer must appear in each of these institutions, sometimes more sensible and more efficient he/she will spend all day in one of them. Detailed plans for the week and the day we agreed on together with the volunteer.


Who are we looking for?

We want to make sure that the volunteer is not a person, who don’t care where he/she going. (Especially that the specificity of a small town and the province does not respond to everyone, so it’s good for volunteer who to come to us, that he or she was aware of the environment in which to spend a few months of his/her life).

We expect people with an open personality, creative, having a lot of positive energy. These individuals should feel well in touch with nature, big city nightlife may not be their favorite pastime. We would like to know that our volunteers is curious about people and willing to take on new challenges.


ul. Kościuszki 11/1
56-300 Milicz

tel. (+48) 794 588 206


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