Life is a Movement – impressions

Between 22nd and 30th April SPPMD was hosting participants from eight countries for a training course called “Life is a Movement”. The aim of this venue was to promote volunteering through street art and to teach youth workers how street art (graffiti, break dance, hip-hop music) can be used in work with youngsters.

During the training the local TV shot a few reportages about “Life is a Movement”. You can watch them here:

Life is a Movement – TV report

Life is a Movement – Event

Life is a Movement – Visit to the mayor


We asked some of the participants to share their impressions after the training course.

Andrea (Portugal)

All the workshops gave me an excellent stimulus to do new things and start new projects. It enhounced my creativity. I learned how to work with the DJ set. All the workshops and group activities were a mean of discovery my own way of interaction, communication style and learning techniques.
I learned a lot.

Marco (Italy)

The training was a good opportunity to know better how to do activities for youngsters, especially activities that they love.
It was also a good week to exchange experiences with other people, to know new people and organizations and also to start with new projects.
Personally I learnt a lot, because now I’m using that experience in a local project with youngsters, especially using graffiti to involve not only young people, but also three Municipalities. For the first time three Mayors will organize (next summer) some workshops and exibition with graffiti for youngsters, they’ll have space to write and draw, to express themself.
Now I’m also organizing new projects with people I met during the exchange and I hope to meet again all of you. It was amazing be there and learn something from each of you! Beautiful girls, nice boys, when we’ll repeat the training?

Aida (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

I improved my English and I learned expressions from diffrent languages.
I also learned traditional dances from different countries and how to deal with cultural diffrences and enrich my own with the habbits of other cultures.
I evaluated my own working and energy rythm and I became more flexible, tolerant and emphatic person. I understood the importance of working in
a team. I learned basic break dance moves and prepared the final coreography. We created lyrics for hip-hop songs and learned new techniques to work with youngsters in intercultural learning and street art (graffiti).

Radica (Macedonia)

I learnt more about hip-hop music, how to draw graffiti (basic stuff) and also more about break dance. I improved my dancing skills and created choreography as a part of the break dance team. I worked as a part of
a team and improved my social skills and team working skills. Also I learnt more about other cultures, dances and food and drinks and also presented my country with traditional dances, music and food. Most of the time I used English to be able to understand and communicate with other participants. We tried to make communication available to everyone from every country. Also we learnt some words in other languages.

Jacob (USA)

I learned how to use DJ equipment, including scratching, sound balance and looping. I spoke with many people about the NGO work they do in their home countries which included working with disabled youth and connecting potential entrepreneurs with people who can offer services. I learned about Portugal, including national dances. I improved my Macedonian Oro.
I listened for the first time to Turkish music. I also wrote a rap about equality with multicultural group from four countries.

For more pictures from the training visit our Facebook profile!

fot. Marta Lipińska & Soltan


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