“Let’s break the wall” on Malta

At the turn of April and May the group of our volunteers took part in the international exchange on Malta called “Let’s break the wall”. During several days the participants from various countries got a chance to get to know each other, to visit many beautiful places but above all to prove that – if we want – we can live in the world free of judgements and stereotypes.

George Kostov (SPPMD’s representative during this exchange):

When it was said that 5 Macedonians from SPPMD will visit Malta, it was exciting to everybody. Our team (Goko Nancev, Marija Stoeva, Trajce Pavlov, Rajne Ilievska and Georgi Kostov) took part in the project “Let’s break the wall” in Qawra, Malta. There were participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Turkey, Romania, Latvia and of course Malta. From these 8 groups new friendships were born. We had a great time and enjoyed working together.

The project was about “breaking the wall” – breaking the stereotypes between different cultures and learning how not to exclude people because of differences… We met new cultures but also presented our own culture and tradition.

In our free time we were discovering Malta and the hosts tried to show us every interesting ladnmark in their country. And believe us, Malta is a wonderful island. Of course, every story has its end and so our story in the paradise ended but we will never forget our experience there!

fot. Sajna Tošić, Serhat Kiliç & George Kostov


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