Interested in a training course in Romania? Apply now!

Center for Sustainable Community Development – CSCD – is urgently looking for two Macedonian participants for the training course “PrejuDICE” that will be held from 15th till 21st June in Craiova, Romania!

If you are interested in taking part in this TC, contact Marta for the application form as soon as possible! Hurry up and don’t miss the chance! First-come, first-served!

Contact – Marta Lipińska,



Training Course
15th to 21st of June 2012 – Craiova, Romania

PrejuDICE is a training course that aims at equipping 21 youth workers working with highly discriminated  groups due to their social, economic, ethnic and national status – from 7 countries with tools, techniques and methods that could be used within their working environment, with the youngsters coming from these discriminated groups, specifically with human rights education tools and methodologies and forum theatre working methods. The Europeans are basically discriminating on six basic grounds: age, racial and ethnic origins, religion and beliefs, psychical disability, learning difficulties and sexual orientation. In today’s world, contemporary forms of racism and racial discrimination are complex and disturbing. In Europe, these issues increasingly lie at the heart of political and social concerns. Without making an exhaustive inventory of the situation and listing all the problems observed, we can outline a few broad categories in which racism and racial discrimination occur: day to day life in major areas, such as employment, education, housing and access to social services; human rights violations against members of Roma communities; hostile attitudes to and stigmatization of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers; increasingly widespread anti-Semitic incidents: intensification of expressions of Islamophobia; use of racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic arguments in political discourse; and a negative climate in public opinion, which plays a crucial part in the emergence of expressions of racism and intolerance in society. With all the campaigns and with all the policy documents and binding legislation, we should definitely be tolerant and non-discriminative societies. PrejuDICE is working on 3 basic concepts: diversity, human rights and participation with a definite approach on working with forum theatre.

Context: Thus, the main objective of the project we are proposing are:

  • promoting human rights to the highly discriminated groups  through training the 21 youth workers and equipping them with new tools, methods and techniques on working on non-discrimination and tolerance;
  • to provide the youth leaders, youth workers and project managers with the opportunity to share their experiences and their good practices working with youngsters with fewer opportunities on social inclusion and combating poverty;
  • to promote Human Rights and Human Rights Education through a set of methods and tools based on experiential learning;
  • to promote the main methodological materials and tools on HR and HRE, Compass being the most important one;
  • to create a network of active NGOs working on non-discrimination and tolerance.

Financial conditions:

  • transporation costs – 70% covered – during the project – on the condition of having booked round trip tickets, in advance
  • visa costs – 100% covered
  • meals and acommodation – 100% covered
  • participation fee – 20 eur / participant – will be deduced from the travel costs’ reimbursement

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