Our volunteers on the way to Turkey!

SPPMD regulary sends abroad and receives EVS volunteers. This summer a few Macedonian volunteers will get a chance to do their European Voluntary Service, gain new experience, learn a foreign language and make a lot of new friends!

Jane and Miki are the first volunteers to head to Fethye and Mersin, Turkey. Good luck!

Hiii! My name is Jane. I’m an EVS volunteer in SPPDM from Kavadarci.
I will go to Turkey for two months from 1st June until 1st August .The place where I’m going is a very famous touristic place and the name of that place is Fethye.
I want to go to Turkey to discover a new country and another culture and to meet new people from different countries.

I finished the Faculty of Law this year and now I’m a volunteer in the Court.

That’s all for me in short traits, and more about me when I get back to Macedonia!

Hello everybody! My name is Miki, and I am coming from the city of wine Kavadarci, Macedonia. A year ago
I finished my History studies in Skopje but
I don’t have a regular job, so I decided to become an EVS volunteer. So far I participated in a couple of volunteering projects in my hometown for NGO SPPMD, and the City Museum of Kavadarci but never outside my country. However, few weeks ago I heard about volunteering project in Mersin Turkey, in the organization “Third Eye Association of Mediterrenean” which is about taking care of the sea turtles.

Because I’m a big Nature fan, especially the sea nature,
I decided to apply for this project. I was picked up as a one of the volunteers and I’m going in Turkey on 20th May for
2 mounts.

I am so happy about that, and I’m looking forward to go there and meet a lot of different people with different cultures.


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