Think Once, Think Twice, Think Dance

“Think Once, Think Twice, Think Dance”
Bodrum, Turkey

memories by

Milena Mitkova & Cvetanka Kamceva

Bodrum Dance Festival 2012 EVS volunteers – film

We have recently represented SPPMD in the European Voluntary Service (EVS)  program. The EVS project “Think Once Think Twice, Think Dance” is developed by Bodrum Dance Club Association in co-operation with 14 organizations from European countries and involves 30 volunteers.

The project is designed for short term EVS groups between the activity dates  (05-04-2012 / 05-05-2012) in Bodrum, Turkey.

This EVS project was organised by Bodrum Dance Club Association.

The International Bodrum Dance Festival is traditionally organized every year in April. Many dancers from all over the world meet in Bodrum and they take part in various cultural activities.

The EVS volunteers have mainly worked on preparations of the festival, while we were also involved as participants during the festival.

The festival had two parts, the first one was in Didim from 26 – 27 April and the second one was in Bodrum, from 28 – 30 April.

It was really a great experience for us being part of this EVS project. We had a lot of fun activities in both, working and free time, but of course we had a lot of work!

A part of our work was at info stunts and festival promotion desks in Bodrum centre and neighbouring cities, as part of promotional activities for the International Dance Festival.

Our activities also involved one day work in the office, together with another EVS volunteer. During that day we aimed to find new contacts for future cooperation with possible dance and youth clubs from our countries regarding participation in the festival. And to promote the event additionally in different European youth networks by sending information about the Festival.

A big part of our time was preparation of the dance choreography that all EVS volunteers performed on the first day of the Festival.

We were taking photos or shooting videos during the preparation period in order to make a film to introduce EVS Project and Festival in the future.

We helped the festival committee members on guiding the festival partner country groups during the Festival days, and introducing their country and city, their culture to the local community by informal meetings.

We learned our first words in the Turkish language.

We made our first steps in the world’s most popular dances Salsa, Tango Argentina, Sirtaki.

We also experienced the local culture through their local folk dances, traditions and enjoyment in life, meeting face-to-face the history, nature, culture and people of Bodrum!

And we also organized an intercultural evening where we proudly represented our country and our town through our traditional food, drinks, music and dances.

We are sooooo happy for the opportunity to have taken part in this EVS project, because we upgraded our knowledge in this area, we met new friends, we shared our experience with the other participants.

We can’t forget this great experience, this whole month of exciting moments, these wonderful volunteers – our new friends including our amazing mentors and coordinator, our friendship, our walks, our crazy things etc.

And at the end – we love Bodrum very much and we want
go back there again!!!

Milena Mitkova & Cvetanka Kamceva


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