Short-term volunteer project in Poland

A Polish NGO, Centrum Aktywności Twórczej, looks for two Macedonian volunteers who would like to take part in the short-term EVS project in Leszno from 1st July until 31st August.

If you’re interested, read their message below!
Take your chance and apply now!


We are searching for 3 males volunteers for short term EVS in POLAND.

WHEN: 1.07 – 31.08
WHERE: Leszno, Poland
Countries: 1 Portugal, 2 Macedonia

Short-term volunteer project “Interactive Train to culture” assumes an animation of free time children and young people from the area of Wschowa, Leszno, Lasocice. During the EVS project we plan to make workshops for children and youth by using educational and cognitive innovative methods of leisure time (non formal). Different workshops
will show local kids and youth alternative forms of spending their free time by developing their own artistic interests, dance, culinary, environmental, design, sports, etc.

Participants will be encouraged to participate in regular activities. For those who are unable to participate for various reasons, we expect plays and games on the air with the use of non-formal education techniques, and board games, card games.

For details contact:

There would be 10 international volunteers: 2 Georgians, 2 Spanish, 2 Portuguese, 2 Macedonians + 2 long term: 1 Spanish and 1 Hungarian


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