Who are our EVS volunteers?

Every year SPPMD hosts some international volunteers who stay in Kavadarci for short or long term projects. Currently, our organizations is hosting three EVS volunteers from Poland, France and Turkey.

Let’s meet them!

Marta from Wrocław, Poland
EVS from November ’11 until August ’12

Cześć! I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful places in Poland – Wrocław. After graduating from the university
I worked in the Netherlands, Poland and Spain until I finally landed on the Macedonian soil.
I started my EVS adventure in Macedonia in the last days of October 2011. I fell in love with the people and the amazing Macedonian nature from the very beginning (mountains, mountains, mountains!). During my stay I’ve got a chance to meet very interesting and beautiful people, to travel around the Balkans and to learn a lot of new things. I love being here and Kavadarci will always have a special place in my heart…

Arnaud from Clermont-Ferrand, France
EVS from February ’12 until February ’13

Zdravo! My name is Arnaud. I’m an EVS French volunteer in SPPMD. I arrived in February and I’m in Kavadarci for one year.
I finished my studies of communication before
I came here. My goal was to be involved in an organization during several months and to discover a new country and another culture.
I discovered the Balkans 2 years ago during a travel with some friends and I really wanted to come back here. I also worked with kids in France, that’s why I choose SPPMD and Macedonia. Now I’m very happy to be there!

Efe from Izmir, Turkey
EVS from May ’12 until June ’12

Zdravo, I’m Efe from Izmir, Turkey. I have been in Kavadarci just 11 days.
I enjoy the Macedonian lifestyle and also being a volunteer in SPPMD.
Although, I graduated from civil engineering, I haven’t worked for any comapny for the last year. Instead of this, I chose to be a volunteer in many different projects. I’m definitelly
a volunteer-person.
Especially I enjoy working with children and young people.


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