9th May Europe Day

Every year on 5th and 9th May Europe celebrates peace and unity in many places across the whole continent. The events taking place on 9th May are devoted to the European Union (EU) and are mostly celebrated by member states of the European Union and EU candidate countries. However, Macedonia also contributes in these celebrations and pays homage to the EU.

Yesterday SPPMD together with students from local schools, Natasha Malinkova (singer) and Billy Zver (rapper) took part in the events on the main squere in Kavadarci. A numerous group of our volunteers were involved in the flash mob wonderfully lead by Elena Markova. We danced to the modern version of  “Ode to Joy” (DJ Greg 78 Remix). Also the graffiti group (workshops twice a week in our club) had a chace to present their skills. The international volunteers from Kavadarci cooked their national dishes.  Our EVS volunteer Marta prepared pierogi filled with white cheese (“handmade dumplings, made of unleavened dough, shaped into semi-circle”) – a Polish traditional dish.

Great help during the cooking process were our local volunteers – Mickey Kamcevski, Mitko Gorgievski and Angela Mileva. Thank you all very, very much! Marta

SPPMD wishes to thank everyone involved in the preparations for the event and all volunteers who made yesterday such a great day! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!
Фала многу!

Here you can download the movie with our Flashmob! Enjoy!

fot. Arnaud Besseas & Marta Lipińska


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