Gender Equality – memories from Niš

We are Elena Markova and Elena Milosevik – volunteers at SPPMD. We were participants during the training course “Gender equality – way to inclusive society” which took place from 5th till 2th April in Niš. The TC was organised by NGO KOM 018.

It was a great experience for us to be a part of this training. We discussed the state of women around the world and in specific countries. All of us had a chance to talk about this topic and present the situation in our countries. We learned through games and quizes. The main aim of the training course was to show the gender equality through photography. A professional photographer worked with us so we got a chance to learn something more about photography techniques and how to take photos properly.

Apart from the thematic workshops we also had an intercultural evening and we represented our country with the traditional food and drinks.

The good thing about the training was that we could show the gender equality in very creative ways.

On the last day of the training course we had an exhibition in the center city so all local people could see what we have been working on during the training course. We could also show them that we started working on increasing the conscience about this serious problem.

We are so happy for the opportunity to have taken part in this training course because we upgraded our knowledge in this area, we met new friends, we shared our experience with the other participants and we represented our NGO in the best light.

Elena Markova & Elena Milosevik
fot. Nick Abela & Sanja Tošić


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